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Tips & Tricks For Managing Dry, Winter Skin

Tips & Tricks For Managing Dry, Winter Skin

Tips & Tricks For Managing Dry, Winter Skin

We’re cracking the code to winter skin! Follow along for the ultimate guide on combating dryness during the colder seasons.


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December 21st marks the first day of winter! The season is giving fur coats, silk presses, and streams of ‘The Best Man Holiday’. While we’re definitely enjoying the sleigh bells ringing and cozy nights in, this time of year can bring one of our worst nightmares: dry skin. Temperatures are officially down, and it’s essential to give your skin a little extra TLC. The combination of chilly air outside and dry, heated indoor environments can leave our skin feeling tight, itchy, and in desperate need of hydration. That’s where we come in! Arm yourself with the right knowledge and skincare hacks to combat the harsh effects of winter.


The Science

The elements have a hefty influence on the health of your skin. So, why does the air turn so bone-dry during this time of the year? Air temperature and moisture go hand in hand like the city of Atlanta and lemon pepper wings. WKBN tells us when the air temperature becomes colder, the capacity for our atmosphere to hold water vapor decreases. Humidity levels drop, and the air begins to lose its ability to retain moisture. Seeing as moisture is the first step to hydrated skin, this can be bad news for skincare fanatics alike. It’s also only right to keep your home toasty during these months. However, turning up the heat in your indoor environment can further deplete moisture levels. Heating systems rapidly dry out the air, leading to an overall decrease in humidity indoors. In many regions, one may find that winter brings snow and less precipitation compared to other seasons. Snowfall tends to be drier than rain, becoming another contributor to lower moisture levels in the atmosphere. Lastly (and certainly not least), who knew Daylight Savings would impact our mental health and skin health? During winter, days are shorter, and the angle of the sun is lower in the sky. This reduced exposure to sunlight can impact the natural process of evaporation, leading to less moisture being absorbed into the air. With environmental conditions like these, now is the time to really turn your skin and body care routine up a notch.


Your Winter Skin Rescue Plan

The frosty season has sucked all of the moisture out of the air and left you with tight, itchy, rough, and/or prone-to-irritation skin. Well, what now? We have just the tips you need to combat dryness year-round.

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
    • Healthy skin definitely starts inside and out. Upping your water intake is not only necessary for your overall health, but it can improve your skin’s elasticity. During periods where the air’s humidity may be lacking, drinking more water can be an excellent way to retain moisture within your skin. 
  • Humidify Your Space
    • Combat the dryness indoors by using a humidifier. It helps add moisture back into the air, preventing your skin from drying out. Harvard Health recommends setting your humidifier to 60 percent should be sufficient to replenish the top layer of the epidermis. Find the perfect humidifier for your space at Target, Walmart, Amazon, or any other home goods retailer!
  • Sun Protection (SPF)
    • Sunscreen isn’t just for the summer! UV rays can be just as intense during the wintertime, and your skin can still fall victim to accelerating fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and discoloration. A broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 will keep you protected all szn long.
  • Find Friendly Fabrics
    • Nylon and wool are just two fabrics to name that can rough on skin. If you’re a sensitive skin girly, you’re probably no stranger to Textile Contact Dermatitis. Another sure way to keep your skin healthy is to opt for soft, natural fabrics like cotton or silk that won’t irritate or further dry out your skin.
  • Lockdown On Moisture
    • The key during this time of year is to keep the moisture in! Invest in a rich, emollient moisturizer that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or shea butter. We recommend ‘Let That Mango’ Body Butter (duh). Apply generously after bathing while your skin is still damp to seal in moisture and keep that glow intact.
  • Exfoliate The RIGHT Way
    • With the weather being colder and your skin being more susceptible to dehydration, exfoliating can be life-saving. Incorporate gentle exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells, but limit it to once or twice a week to avoid over-drying your skin.
  • Stay Protected!
    • Outside can be no joke this time of year. From hard winds to cold temperatures, your skin battles the elements every time you leave your home. Don’t skip out on your hats, scarves, and gloves when stepping out for extra protection!
  • Be Mindful Of Your Diet
    • Your skin is an organ, and its health can be greatly impacted by your diet. Fruits and veggies rich in antioxidants are ideal when looking to fight free radical formation. Additionally, consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins nourish your skin from the inside. Consider incorporating more nuts, avocados, and leafy greens into your meals daily!


When To Seek Help

From chronic eczema to disrupted capillaries, dry skin can become a serious problem. If despite these efforts, your skin continues to feel excessively dry, itchy, or irritated, it might be time to consult a dermatologist. Is your skin feeling tight, rough, itchy, and/or patchy? This could be a sign that you should start looking for skin professionals in your area. If basic over the counter dry skin care isn’t cutting it, make an appointment with your dermatologist to evaluate your condition and let you know the root cause of your dry skin. Seeking a professional will make all the difference!


Winter brings its own set of challenges, but with a proactive skincare routine and a little extra care, you can conquer the dry skin woes that come with it. Embrace the season's beauty while keeping your skin happy and healthy! Whether you’re using Ornami products to stay moisturized or your favorite home remedies, let’s make it a moisturized holiday season. ✨