Elevate your bodycare

Grab your new bodycare BFF for the luxurious treatment your body deserves.

This tool has the power to promote lymphatic drainage associated with puffiness and bloating, treat cellulite for smoother skin, lessen the appearance of wrinkles, and relieve muscle tension.

Scroll for a diagram of how to use for targetted areas.

  • Antimicrobial

    Unlike other porous popular stones like rose quartz or jade, stainless steel is antimicrobial. This mean you can save your skin from bacteria and clean more easily-yes please!

  • Just Chillin'

    Fun thing about stainless steel is it stays cold without needing to remeber to put it in the fridge. Get firming and depuffing benefits without the extra trip to the kitchen!

  • tough cookie

    The fall from the bathroom counter to the tiled floor can be disastrous for gua shas made of rose quartz or jade. Stainless steel gua shas, like the women who use them, are built strong.

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Let's Get Gliding

You've probably seen what gua sha can do for the face but you've got way more real estate to work with!

Gua sha has major benefits for the rest of the body including for:








Make sure to use medium pressure on moisturized skin (body oil, moisturizer, or Let That Mango body butter recommended!) for optimal results.

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