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5 Albums for Your 2022 Rebrand

5 Albums for Your 2022 Rebrand

5 Albums for Your 2022 Rebrand

By: Raeanna Thompson

Sometimes change can be a good thing, and we definitely don’t fear it at The Glow Guide. If anything, we’re constantly embracing change. When you’re looking for a little extra personal growth, rebranding can be the way to go. We couldn’t discuss a rebrand without giving you a soundtrack, so get ready to open your mind and your ears. 

In 2022, how do you plan to elevate personally? Every year we hear a majority of people claim that it is their year to “boss up”, but how many are actually dedicated to doing so? At a time where businesses are rebranding every day, there is ample opportunity for individuals to do the same. It has even become common for music artists to enter different eras with new aesthetics, new stories, and sometimes new names. Consider 2022 to be the beginning of your pinnacle era, where you prosper and shine all year long. 

Rebrand for Success

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a desire to reinvent yourself. As we grow older and wiser, our passions and interests may alter along with us. It’s crucial to note that your rebrand doesn't have to always be professional. Reinventing yourself can also mean making healthy changes to yourself and your lifestyle. For example, you can decide to start being more assertive within your relationships rather than allowing others to take advantage of your kindness. Maybe becoming a gym rat and living a healthier lifestyle was a part of your 2022 intentions. The first step should always be to pinpoint what it is you want to achieve with these changes. Whether you’re just looking to leave your old persona behind or a new salary raise, identifying what you want out of this rebrand makes the finish line much easier to see. Another essential aspect of this upgrade is beginning to expand your network by surrounding yourself with people with similar goals, mindsets, or interests. Trust us, we know how difficult networking can be during a global pandemic, but utilizing your social channels can work wonders! Now, you should be putting action into what you are seeking. Ideas without action are just thoughts that get lost in the abyss. So get in, it’s the szn of evolving!


Albums You’ll Love to Take on the Way

How much more fun would life be if we had background music? Music can be near and dear to our hearts not just for entertainment purposes (well that’s a major plus), but the effects it can have on your mental health as well. Music therapy has the ability to engage the neocortex of your brain, presenting many benefits such as decreasing stress and lightening your mood. Just for that, we’ve curated a list of five albums that would be great to have playing as you work to enhance and upgrade your personal brand. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired along the way!

1. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill

 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill

Who would have thought that the debut solo album of Ms. Lauryn Hill would become one of the most important albums in the history of the hip-hop genre? In a time when misogyny and violence were running rampant in rap, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was refreshing and beautifully articulated the concepts of love, integrity, and spirituality. Hill was backed with features from Mary J. Blige to Carlos Santana that made for a both culturally and musically appealing body of art. It’s rare to come across such a timeless piece of work like this one, and its legacy continues to inspire generations that come after it. 

2. When I Get Home by Solange

When I Get Home by Solange

Not many albums can be considered a “feel-good album” in the way that When I Get Home does. Solange’s fourth studio album can be the perfect accompaniment while you find new ways to reinvent yourself. This project explores vulnerable themes like identity, Blackness, womanhood, and southern culture (specifically Houston) with a jazz soul and R&B production that create nostalgic feels in the modern day. If Solange has taught us anything, it’s to not limit yourself or your creativity. 

3. Telefone by NoName 

Telefone by NoName

Despite the four year hold on NoName’s debut mixtape, Telefone was worth the wait. Our favorite aspects of the tape is the soulful nostalgia of adolescence that the Chicago native presents to listeners. She gives us insight on death, personality, and being Black in America while still managing to give a delivery that’s almost lighthearted. It could be the neo-soul/jazzy rap production from her Midwest peers Saba, Phoelix, and Cam O’bi that take you back to a simpler time in your life. The making of this project is a great representation of community, a value that should never be lost as you progress on your own personal story.

4. Ungodly Hour by Chloe x Halle

Ungodly Hour by Chloe x Halle

One of the few great things the pandemic gave us was Chloe x Halle’s second studio album Ungodly Hour. From the cohesiveness to the vocal arrangements by our favorite duo, this body of work was definitely an Album of the Year contender for 2020. The Bailey sisters gave us friendship, confidence, and self-love all in one, while showing us they’re no longer teenagers. When you want to dance like no one’s watching or embrace your imperfections, UH has got you covered. One of the most meticulous R&B projects in recent years, Ungodly Hour is the perfect body of art to bask in while you choose to boss up. 

5. Swimming by Mac Miller 

Swimming by Mac Miller

Swimming was the last project to be released during the lifetime of the late rapper Mac Miller (1992-2018). While we still mourn the tragic passing of Mac, this album tangibly shows his lasting impact presenting themes of self-love, optimism, and spiritual growth. With Mac being heavily involved in the production and the funky basslines courtesy of Thundercat, Swimming entices listeners with peaceful beats and even more soulful stories. One of the singles, ‘Self Care’, is the perfect ode to remembering to put yourself and your sanity first when life starts to get the best of you.

Grab Your Headphones and Get Going

If you’ve been delaying shifting your life and rebranding, consider this your sign to do so. Don’t ever feel discouraged to make necessary changes, especially when they are healthy and can be life-changing! It’s not too late to make a vision board for what you want out of yourself this year, so grab your arts and crafts, pick an album, and let’s get the left side of your brain active. We’re always happy to help you make your life a little more sonically pleasing, so stay tuned on to The Glow Guide and Spotify for more playlists and reviews you’ll love.