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10 Ideas for a Best Friend-Day-Out

10 Ideas for a Best Friend-Day-Out

10 Ideas for a Best Friend-Day-Out

By: Raeanna Thompson

From Raven and Chelsea to Issa and Molly, we’ve always had iconic duos we could count on to make our day. Since adolescence, television and movies have shown us the importance of keeping your bestie close. Today, we’re here to elaborate even more on the necessities of having a right hand and a go-to. To make things more fun, we’ve got ideas the next time you two (or three) are looking for a weekend escapade.

Passionate About Platonic Love

When you find yourself on the journey of searching for the meaning of love, feeding into your community of support around you is vital. Contrary to popular belief, platonic love can be just as important as romantic love, and we should work as hard to maintain these relationships. M. Scott Peck describes love saying it must be intentional; he uses the definition “...the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth” to support this claim. A healthy, loving friendship exhibits qualities such as honesty, loyalty, closeness, etc. It can be freeing to have someone who is like an extended member of your family that you can also show non-sexual affection to. We’re not even exaggerating when we say a healthy friendship can be another key to an improved quality of life. Studies have proven that wholesome camaraderie increases your sense of belonging, reduces stress, instills better emotional support, and a longer life span. It’s crucial to note that these relationships need to be watered in the same way you do a plant. You should be showing care and support to one another to continue to see the friendship thrive. If your bestie’s love language is words of affirmation, encouraging them and expressing how much you appreciate them can be an easy way to show affection. Small gestures can go such a long way in any relationship. 

Date Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

You should cherish the time you get to spend with your best friend while you still have it. Take advantage of your youth and get out (safely)! It may be difficult to figure out what to do next with your friend when it seems as if you guys have already done everything together. In case nothing comes to mind, we’ve curated a list of activities to add in the itinerary for you next bestie-day-out. 

     1. Try an Art Museum (Or Any Museum)

From historic to contemporary art, you can never go wrong with hitting up a good museum. Observing different exhibits leaves plenty of room for discussion, turning the outing from fun to also insightful. Visitors are open to interpret art on their own or with the help of guides that work at the facility. There are also a variety of museums that range from free to small entry fees, making the date inexpensive for everyone!

     2. Go For Hike

Step out and enjoy the outdoors! Soaking up that Vitamin D is essential to our overall well being, especially during the winter months. Take advantage of the nature parks, trails, or surrounding landforms in your area.

     3. Nail Date

There’s obviously nothing better than treating yourself other than treating yourself with one of the people you love the most. Book an appointment for you and your friend to get some mani, pedis, and sweet relaxation. 

     4. Pottery Class

A pottery class can be a fun way for you to learn something new as well as build something new! You’ll have an opportunity where it’s completely acceptable to get down and dirty, what more do you need?

     5. Dance Class

Build up your social confidence with your bestie at a dance class. Not only is it a way to stay fit, but you’ll also have a way to socialize with other people at the class. Dancing is a great way to express your sexuality and charge up that sacral chakra. You’ll be surrounded by artistic people who are ready to flow and have fun in the same way as you.

     6. Take a Day Trip To a Nearby City

Why not take a break from your own city/neighborhood? Grab your favorite person, some snacks, a camera, gas money and get going! Sometimes all you need is some new scenery to really recharge. This is a great way to create your own adventures in another place. Make it even more fun and take on a character by switching up your accent or even changing your name for the day. After all, you’re away from home.

     7. Thrifting

Help the environment and the fast fashion crisis by grabbing your ride-or-die and going thrift shopping for the day. You’ll find dope vintage pieces for sweet prices at the thrift store and it’ll be fun to watch each other experiment with your personal styles. 

     8. Find a Record Store

As the world continues to transition to completely digital everything, record stores are becoming lost treasures. Have fun and explore new music at a record store close by. You’ll be able to stock up on vinyls, cassettes, and even discover tunes you may have forgotten about. 

     9. Create Your Own Photoshoot

Tap into your creative director bags and set up your own photography studios at home or at a public location. You can buy props and put together hot looks that will make for great memories in frames or on the gram. Don’t be embarrassed to step outside of your comfort zone, have fun with it together!

     10. Explore Your City on Bird Scooters

If you and your friend reside in an area where Bird or other eco-friendly scooters are hosted, take them for a spin during the day. Not only are the scooters a reasonably priced mode of transportation, but it can be an exhilarating experience zooming through the city. Be sure to ride with caution because they can get up in speed!

Get Going

Now that you’ve got a new list of ideas for your next outing, text your friend(s) and tell them to clear their schedule. Get used to enjoying these moments with your community and those that you love! Like we said before, take advantage of your youth because soon enough, these days will simply be in the past. As we grow older and wiser, you want to be able to look back at your previous days and say you made the most of them. So mask up, we’re going out and exploring!